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"She is a full-time single mother, a business owner, a cannabis advocate, a model, a photographer and a trailblazer in both the fitness and cannabis communities. In fact, Jennessa's tale is not all that different from those of our favorite storybook characters. She was able to rise above dreadful circumstances to become an empowered leader who now enables others to do the same through Break The Stigma Fitness."

The Gym that Lets you Get High

- Now This: WEED Media Video released January 2018 that has over 7 Million views! 

Exercise and cannabis combine at Wheat Ridge gym

Lea is not in it just for the money. She’s in it for her health.

She suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disease.

“It resulted in a multitude of issues, one that has a great effect on anybody’s life that has chronic pain," she said.

- Fox 31 News Report 

She’s a fit cannabis girl breaking stigmas

"From a wheelchair to a 5K, a medical marijuana patient crediting cannabis for helping her change her life."

- The Cannabist June 2017

She was sick, fat and almost dead, then jennessa lea found weed

"For most of her life, Lea struggled with health issues. Growing up, she suffered from severe pain in her joints and muscles, pain doctors couldn’t explain and dismissed with every opioid in the book. But when she had her daughter at 20, her health took a turn for even worse. Her condition began to spiral out of control."

- Rooster Magazine

February 8th 2018

Cannabis Saved Her Life. Now She's Opening A Gym To Help Others Discover Its Potential

"“It wasn’t until I completely got off the opiates and just used cannabis that I was able to really start doing my training on an everyday basis... I was able to not only complete my physical therapy but I could continue building on it the next day,” Lea told Civilized. “[Cannabis] helped not only by reducing the pain, but by putting me into a zone where I could just focus on my workout and strengthen that mind/body connection... It saved my life.”

- Civilized

June 22, 2017

Break the Stigma of Working Out and Getting High

"Fast forward to the last few years and Jennessa Lea has become a prominent social media influencer with workout videos and cool Instagram posts that show she is a force to be reckoned with. Browne asked her how she decided she wanted to get into posting online and helping people. Lea said, “I just want to reach people. I want people to know the power is within them, they have the ability to control their destiny and their future".

- Slyng 

March 15th, 2018

This badass chick opened a 420 gym after cannabis exercise saved her life

"Eventually, Lea was taking 150 mg of oxycodone and 90 mg of morphine every day. Her tolerance to the opiates kept increasing so, as is often the case, her doctors upped her doses.

To help her build muscle, which is imperative for supporting weak joints, Lea was told to begin physical therapy. But since she was on so many narcotics, exercising was impossible as she was exhausted all the time. As a young mother to a daughter, Lea knew something had to change. And so she decided to try cannabis."


The Cannabis Fit Girl Working to Remove Stigma

Lea is now making videos and reaching people as a motivational speaker to inform people that they do not have to feed in to what doctors are telling them, that they can no longer do things, and sharing her story and the message she believes will help people.

Lea fights through her workouts with the pain, and able to run faster and longer, and while using cannabis and working out she feels less pain after the workout and enjoys being sore rather than being in a extreme amount of pain. Lea has specific strains she uses depending on her needs. She not only smokes, but ingests edibles, uses oils, as well as topical treatments that are infused with cannabis." 

- Weedistry 

June 22, 2017


Cannabis Saved Her Life. Now She’s Opening A Gym To Help Others Discover Its Potential

“The party be our chance to ask the community what they want from us as far as time schedules and classes,” said Lea. “I started from scratch myself and I want everybody, regardless of their physical ability, to feel comfortable coming to my gym.”

Gram of the Month 

It’s so cliche, but I must admit–the new year inspires me to set new fitness goals. And sticking to new goals is so much easier if you’re enjoying yourself. Makes sense right? I came to the Break the Stigma Fitness IG page for the #yoga and #dabs. I stayed for the inspirational #420athletics and #cannabiscommunity.

Founder and owner Jennessa Lea and her team of Canna Coaches are bringing cannabis, fitness, health and wellness together in a safe, fun, informative, and challenging way.

- Her Blog

January 22 2018

New Year’s Resolution: Exercise More

One writer tries out a cannabis gym in Colorado.

"Prior to the beginning of the yoga class, Lea explains the different delivery methods of cannabis. A large table features CBD water, infused energy shots, and topical balms to apply after exercise. After perusing the goodies, I travel to the next table where Lea is offering cannabis concentrates to interested attendees, carefully demonstrating how to use a Vapexhale EVO, an innovative vaporizer that uses a glass pathway to deliver delicious vapor to its user with ease." - Rachelle


12 Things About 2017 That Didn't Suck (Part 1)

"Anyone who thinks that cannabis consumers are lazy couch potatoes needs to read the story of Jennessa Lea. After being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that requires intensive physical therapy, Lea swapped out the opioids she had been prescribed for cannabis. As she puts it:

“[Cannabis] helped not only by reducing the pain, but by putting me into a zone where I could just focus on my workout and strengthen that mind/body connection... It saved my life.” 

She started the blog Fit Cannabis Girl and, in 2017, opened Break The Stigma Fitness, a facility that offers cannabis-friendly fitness classes, nutritional advice and workshops. That’s the kind of resolve we hope to put behind our New Year’s resolutions for 2018."

Her Canna Q&A: Jennessa Lea, Break the Stigma Fitness

"My mission is to educate and inspire individuals to take control over their own health and wellness with a combination therapy of cannabis, fitness, and clean eating. I want to encourage and remind everyone YOU have the power. If you want it, you can achieve it!"



CFN Interviews Fit Cannabis Girl 

"I definitely see this concept being popular and people really appreciating the idea of breaking that stigma. I think a lot of people who use cannabis are sick of being grouped into that “lazy stoner” crowd. We are proud that we medicate with cannabis and we use it in our daily fitness routine. I want to remind people that they have the ability to control their own health and wellness and that you don’t need to rely on doctors and pharmaceuticals. You can achieve great things if you believe in yourself and you take care of yourself."

- Rachelle Gordon CFN Media Group 


May 4th. 2014, Minnesota State Capitol 

My first time testifying in hopes I could influence positive policy change surrounding cannabis. 

Minnesota lawmakers strike medical marijuana deal

Jennessa Lea, 27, of North St. Paul, was among people who wanted a more liberal law. She and her 6-year-old daughter, Raegan, suffer from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a group of inherited disorders that affect connective tissues. Lea said smoking cannabis diminishes the pain enough that she may play with her daughter.

"That's why we need the whole plant," Lea said, choking up during an interview after the Thursday news conference. "I can't function when I'm taking only oxycodone to cope."

- Mike Cronin, Associated Press

May 15th, 2014 

The fight of their lives

"Jennessa Lea has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome — a rare and painful illness that essentially affects the collagen in her skin, joints and blood vessels. Lea has to wear a brace around her knee when she walks to keep her patella from dislocating, and she wears braces around her fingers to keep them from bending “past the point of no return.”"

-Katie Ruck, Mint Press

June 2, 2014

Patients discuss first months of medical marijuana

"Those high prices have prompted Jennessa Lea to return to buying marijuana on the street to treat a painful condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She's one of several patients who have told The Associated Press they've reverted to the black market due to state-approved medications' high costs, which can quickly rack up into hundreds or thousands of dollars for a month's supply.

"We have these places here that are supposed to be attainable ... and there's still so much red tape," Lea told the task force."

Kyle Potter, Chicago Tribune 

September 25th, 2015

Three months in, cannabis users complain of high costs, difficult access

"Jennessa Lea of St. Paul endures pain from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The 28-year-old single mother testified at the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Task Force meeting Friday that after she was prescribed narcotics at the age of 21, dependence turned her life upside down. Cannabis was the safest alternative to opiates without the dangerous side effects, she said."

Riham Feshir, MPR News

September 26th 2015

Pain sufferers in Minnesota ask for access to medical marijuana

“Please add intractable pain to the list,” said Jennessa Lea of St. Paul, a single mom who suffers from a body-deterioration condition.

She was one of 12 people who addressed the Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research. The group met to hear public feedback about the medical marijuana law, which went into effect July 1."

Bob Shaw, Pioneer Press

October 1st, 2015

Success, concerns mark first year of Minnesota medical cannabis

"I can't be with my family, I have to separate myself to have this medicine and to also not feel like I'm a criminal all the time," she conceded. Still, it helps the pain that comes with a joint condition that causes her shoulders pop in and out all the time and her ankles to roll.

Riham Feshir, Minnesota Public Radio

July 1, 2015