Road Trip of a Lifetime!

So, Once the decision was made that I was moving back to MN, I decided to go on month long roadtrip across the US!

Initially I wanted to book appearances where I could educate, share my mission and connect with all of you! It seemed the Universe had other plans for me so I went with the flow and in the end found myself focuses on me, which is where I was meant to be.


This became an opportunity to heal. I would get back to the old me where I was constantly physically active, fed my artistic side with photography, and have some much needed alone time to process the things that have transpired in my life.

My daughter went to her fathers for a month long stay after she got done with school at the end of May while I stayed and packed, then moved back to MN on June 4th. Lets just say that was a shit show in in of itself.

After I got settled in, I took off on June 21st for the road trip of a lifetime!

I explored and hiked The Badlands in South Dakota, then drove to Colorado and spent some much needed time in the mountains.I hiked Grizzly Creek Trail, then drove to the Grand Mesa National Forest and went paddleboarding! The next morning I was fortunate enough to catch the sunrise from the Colorado National Monument. It was breathtaking. Then, I drove through Utah, explored San Rafael Reef, camped near Quail Creek Reservoir and did some paddle boarding their the next day. After, I drove to Zion National Park where I was blessed to hike and camp at for the night. That place truly left me speechless.


I made my way to the Oceano Dunes for some beach camping off the coast of California. That night I was able to get in a 7 mile walk along the beach as I listened to the waves crash against the shore. The next morning I went for a run along the beach then packed up so I could continued North. That night I drove to the very top of Big Sur where I camped and got to experience a very beautiful sunrise.

After, I drove through the Los Padres National Forest and made it back on coastal hwy 1 for some of the most beautiful views of the ocean I have ever seen.

Then, I drove to San Francisco Bay and took a run along the ocean at Baker Beach, and watched the fireworks in front of the Golden Gate Bridge on the 4th of July. I stayed the night in SF then went paddleboarding in the  bay the next day. I continued north on 5 that evening then cut through the Mendocino and Six Rivers National Forest until I reached coastal highway 1 again so I could soak up more of the ocean. I got to see a beautiful sunset off the coast in Trinidad, then saw some of the most big and beautiful trees in the National Redwood Forest. I even got to visit the drive through tree!



From their, I made my way up the coast after stopping at many beaches for photos. Eventually I reached Oregon. My first stop their was at an amazing beach called McVay Rock State Recreation Site where I spent hours picking agates and meditating.


After, I continued my way North to Eugene and did some work at a friends farm, saw some live music , hiked and went kayaking.  

After, I drove though Idaho to Coeur d'Alene for some hiking and photo ops. Then, I continued my way east through Montana and North Dakota eventually making my way back to Minnesota in mid July.

As you can imagine I have loads of photos from this adventure and now that I have my platforms all caught up and on the same page, I am excited to share all of the photos and stories from my journey!

- And as always thank you for taking the time to read this blog! I hope you have an amazing day breaking stigmas and living to your fullest potential! 

- Fit Cannabis Girl

Jennessa Lea